Thursday, September 4, 2014

Open ends

Weather in Delhi has been acting confused off lately. I soon as I go out to shoot something,it gets all cloudy or it rain! Gaaaah! hate it! Although I love rains!
I'll skip being the weather forecast person for you and let the photos speak for themselves.

This outfit is waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone. Initially I wasn't even going to post it but then I was like oh what the hell!

I've paired a open front asymmetrical dress with a short pencil skirt. I first paired it with shorts but then changed *thug life*

Also certain *jazzy* elements are a must!

Somehow I really liked the way it turned out much more n person *camera hates me* *cries*

  Outfit details:

Heels: Stilettos
Cuff: Street shopping

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Twitter: sjovesjewelry

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I am out and out a sarcastic person,although at times it can get a bit too much,but I love it! *ha-ha*

And today's outfit is me,like literally its me! It might look a little simplistic,but honestly I just haaaaaad to share it!

Jughead on a tshirt! I mean how awesome is that?

That smile and that ha ha ha describes me. Literally. *love*
I added just a bunch a bangles to jazz up the look.

And also a watch.

here is the belt and heels too.

 Overall this is something you can find me wearing anytime. Like really. This look has my heart.

Outfit details:

Tshirt: Archies by Status Quo 
Jeans: DJC
Belt: Forever New
Bangles: Max Fashions
Watch: Titan
Heels: Enroute

Connect with me:
Youtube: sjlovesjewelry
Instagram: shreyajain26
Twitter: sjovesjewelry