Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to wear a maxi skirt not like a maxi skirt: 3 ways.

Its summers and maxi skirts come off as a great relief,but what I worry about the most is,one can't really make it look thaaaaat different everytime,right? NO!
This is what today's post is all about! how to wear a maxi skirt NOT like a maxi skirt and youre sure to make heads turn!


This is a great way to play up your maxi skirt! mine looks so formal and classy! I love it.


This has got to be my favourite! like favourriiiittttte! Looks amaing and is much more easier to carry and you can always change the drape of the dupatta according to your liking!

Dhoti pants:

These are laidback and very breezy. All you need to do is grab the centre point of the skirt (the back side) bring it up in between your legs and pink to the waistline.

Which one was your favourite? Tell me!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Put on LOVE + Ways to wear your midi rings

I love midi rings,has the trend caught on to you as well? I am sure it would have,because it is adorable *khi khi khi*

I recently got some rings from Put on love and oh my gosh! Trust me you guys they have the prettiest jewelry ever! *EVER*

Plus their packaging! *dies*

I am a sucker for cute packaging and this is the best I've ever come across,and trust me,I shop ALOT!

Now few ways to wear your midi rings!

Wear single midi rings in your index,middle and ring finger.

Stack up some midi rings on your middle finger.

  Wear a dainty midi finger just on your ring finger,above another ring.

Wear midi rings on index and pinky finger only.

These rings by Put on love look so dainty and cute but are sturdy too! I hate jewelry that feels like it is going to break any moment! But these are soo pretty! I definite thumbs up from my side!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cupcake cutie

Raise your hands if you love cupcakes,pastries,muffins and all those sugary delights! *crying tummy fat*

So when I saw this dress,I couldn't resist buying it,because legit!

I mean how cute is this print? *dies*

Because the print in itself is so busy,I decided to skip earring and necklace as they would clash and accessorized just my hands.

The cutest part? This dress has pockets as well as drawstrings! *awwwww*

And lastly I added golden heels.

Outfit details:

Dress: Max Fashions
Heels: Stilettos
Watch: Aldo
Bracelet: Rings and tings
Midi rings: Rings and tings, put on love and koovs.

 Finally some more photos because I was happy in this dress!

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