Thursday, January 23, 2014

Little Traditions.

Long story short,my sister got married,that is why I have been missing out on blogposts and videos,because I have been keeping really busy,I thought I would do outfit posts of all my outfits but I could squeeze in only the one of the wedding day, that too with great trouable and hurry!
So here are the pics!

I wore a beige lehenga with blue blouse and pink dupatta.

Let's get into the detailing,here is the work on the dupatta which is in net.

And the latkans on the lehenga,which is made of raw silk.

I wore my family heirloom bracelets which are called "ponche"

And my mom's earrings.

I wore a waist chain too,no other jewelry than that though.

I curled my hair,went for a subtle blue smokey eye with nude on the lid and hot pink lips to go with my outfit!

Here are some more photos!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Revlon SkinLights in Golden Lights-Review and Swatches.

What is the one thing we all crave for?

Glowing luminous skin! well it is no longer a difficult task to achieve that, presenting to all of the Revlon SkinLights! *tada*

There are two shades available, golden lights and pink lights, I went for the golden one because pink lights could be used only as a blush, while this amazing thing here, can be used as an all over illuminator!

I love the packaging! it feels like it a squeezy tube, but it isn't! Its hard and has a pump dispenser which makes the packaging non messy and easy to use. *woohoo*

The ingredients are mentioned at the back,here:

It says it is an illumating lotion, and it couldn't be truer! It moisturizes the skin too and you need just a tiny amount of it, almost just this much for one cheek:

Once you blend it,it gives a nice bronze glow to the skin, which is apt for all skin tones, especially Indian!

It stays on for 4-5 hours and this is how it looked after 4 hours:

It does have a mild fragrance but it doesnt bother me at all!

Quantity: 45 Ml

Price: Rs 880

Beautiful shade
Convenient packaging
Decently priced
Mild fragrance
Ingrdient list
Moisturizes the skin
Stays on for long

Few shades, a little more of them won't hurt *wink*

Tell me if you get to try out Revlon SkinLights

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dual tones

I know I missed my saturday blog,but hey! its okay once in a while right?
Anyhoo,I was going out with my Girl-friend (best friend sounded too kiddish so yes) for a crazy outing so I had to wear something comfortable as well as not look homeless, so sticking to my clean palette for a wee bit longer, I decided to dress up in dual tones!

Red and black are my favourite colours, like the most loved ones!

So I paired a warm black sweater (It was so cold!) on a black jeans!

Somehow my friend likes to click pictures while I'm getting ready to pose, and they turn out better!

To break the goth black utfit. I added a red scarf with star print, a red belt, red flats and a red print bag! *wooh*

Thanks to my girl-friend for such amazing photos and she writes a blog too! which is more on lifestyle,check it out sometime (SHE IS AMAZING)

I hope you liked this outfit and take care till the next time we meet!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Coloressence Supreme liner in black review and swatches

Let’s start this post with an over used an boring line “eyes are the windows to soul”
With that being said you already would have guessed today’s product review is related to eyes (well as if the title wasn’t enough) *dumb me*

So let’s jump on to this review which features this Coloressence Supreme Eye liner.

I love the packaging, it’s matte, it’s black and it’s sleek,need I say anything more? See for yourself!

I love how the handle is so long, makes the application easier.

Although there is no stopper which makes it a little messy *sad face*

The brush although is super thin and can give the most precise line ever,period!

The actual eyeliner is really pigmented, see the swatches to believe, and gives off opaque colour in just one swipe too! The right side is one swipe and left side is two swipes.

The colour stays,okay? It stays for sooo damn long! The con of which becomes that removing it is very hard! It doesn’t smudge even if you rub your eye rigorously; make sure you buy an amazing makeup remover if you are buying this! *chuckles*

I love it's matte effect too!


 Quantity: 9 ml

Price: Rs 95

Thin brush
Class packaging
Long handle
Long staying

A little too hard to remove

Grab it!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maxi(mum) Utility!

I love Maxi dresses, they are so comfortable and chic, plus they flatter my figure. So this winter I decided that I would make maximum use of my maxis and not restrict them only to my summer wardrobe! *yay*

Im sorry my hair makes me look homeless here because it was so windy outside, trust me I don't look that homeless in real life! *sad face*

Coming back to the outfit, I'm wearing a purple maxi by Femella which is available at
To keep myself warm I have added a black blazer.

Coordinating it with my black sequined pumps.

To add a little bit of jizz and glamour to the outfit, I added a swarovski belt and a garnet and crystal bracelet.

I f your venue is going to be a heated inside hall or room, you can even take of the blazer and show off just the maxi!

My style is kind of non-fussy, simple and clean palette, I do experiment and you will see that in upcoming posts!

Stay warm these winters!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

MUA matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren: Review and Swatches

 if we look at makeup only 2 things have probably never gone out of fashion, a winged liner and a classical red lip. No matter how much I love eye makeup I can never ever ever ignore the power of a red lip. I have so many red lipsticks and still whenever i see a red, I jump onto it!

 Because I have a neutral undertone I can go for both type of reds, the one with blue undertone and the one with yellow undertone *yay*
Although I personally prefer the one with blue undertone,so without any further ado, let's introduce today's product to you all!

It is one of my most favourite lipstick,MUA's matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren, ooh! I love that name! *extra brownie points*

The packaging is sleek,white with a silver band and a shade coded plastic at the bottom to make the identification easier. The plastic is sturdy and hence is travel friendly too!

Let's come to the pigmentation, the lipstick is highly pigmented and true colour shows up on single application only,layering it just makes it better.
The upper swatch is 2 swipes while the lower one is 1 swipe!

The texture is what I have slight issues with because it is not that smooth, although mattes never are, but this still could be better. proper exfoliation is a must! And yes layer up a lip balm too!

The lipstick stays easily on my lips for about 4-5 hours after which it starts to settle into fine lines.

 There is no ingredient list though, only this is mentioned.

Quantity: 3.8 grams

Price: £ 1.50 (equal to Rs 150)

Nice Packaging
Beautiful Colour

Staying power is not that much
Can chap lips
Texture is not smooth enough.

 Here are some more lip swatches:

Overall I think it is the colour I love more than any other factors of this lipstick. Go for this only if you can't find this shade in better quality.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Carmex lip balm review and before-after!

 Do you run towards your lip balm in winters like I do? Come winters and my lips start to cry for help,I have to constantly apply a lip balm from keeping my lips from chapping. Trust me it was a task!

I had heard a lot of rave reviews on Carmex but alas, it isn't available in our country, I wanted to purchase it and I could only when I saw it on none other than asos! I was already ordering a few stuff from there so I added this little piece of joy in my life (and the cart!)

Look how cute is it!

 Carmex comes in a lovely yellow packaging in various forms,like tub,stick and the one I got, tube.
The packaging gives a very vintage-y feel. *I like*

The ingredients are listed at the back.

The outer packaging says that 130 Carmex lipbalms are sold every minute! *woohoo*

I chose the strawberry varient and I like flavoured lip balms more than the non flavoured ones, a personal preference,there is a huge variety available!

The application in easy and it has a rounded tip with a very precise hole so that you can control the quantity of the product.

Now let's talk about how it does what it is actually supposed to do, nourish the lips!

You know that feeling when something is over hyped about and you do everything you can to get it because every one loves it only to find that it doesn't work for you? I thought it was going to be same with this product, but boy was I wrong?!

This product nourishes the lips crazily and I feel it has peppermint too because there is a little bit of stinging that is felt after application for 10 minutes and lips feel and look fuller too! *extra brownie points*

Normally I have to re apply a lip balm within 2-3 hours but this lip balm stays on lips for about 5-6 hours and provides moisture upto 8 hours,which is crazy!

The colour is clear,so it can be easily applied beneath a lipstick of your preference.

Now here are my before after photos:

For some more lip posing *chuckles*

I was a lip balm atheist and now I am a believer!

Quantity: 10 grams

Price:  £ 2.25 (equal to Rs 225)

Extremely nourishing
stays for upto 8 hours
Has lip plumping qualities
Clear colour
Cute packaging
Easy to apply

Availability issues

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry lips or just want softer lips!