Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PrettySecrets-Haul and review!

I still remember the day when my mom took me to this small local store and asked for a bra for my size, how I wish I could just disappear in that moment, I felt so embarrassed and small, how I wish online shopping sites were there when I had just blossomed so that I could order my private clothing from the comfort and anonymity of my home, not that buying lingerie is something to be ashamed of, I'd personally prefer doing it this way!

So if you are like me, PrettySecrets is your savior! 
Pretty Secrets is a one stop shop for all you lingerie and sleepwear needs and their punchline is, it doesn't need to be boring! *wink wink*

I'm going to share my haul with you guys so starting with the packaging, this is how my box arrived:

It was well sealed and packed *tamper proof guarantee!*

Once you open the box, it is nicely lined with loads of  sheets!

Here is an overview of my order:

Everything was separately packed and I got everything on sale as well!

The package reached me within 5 days *major yaay!*

So I ordered 4 bras (2 pushups and 2 padded) and a legging (Ikkat print)

I have been wearing these bras ever since I got them and I have to say they are super comfy and soft, a must try and they are not too heavy on the pocket as well! *whistle!*

The legging is ultra comfortable too, I am a happy girl!

Do try out pretty secrets for your private clothing needs (trust me you won't regret it!)

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