Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Grunge

Let's end this year with my first outfit post, I am from now on going to be posting one fashion post per week.
Leather jackets have been in vogue this season, after a looong time, I feel that these jackets give a very GRUNGE effect, which I like, so let us move on to the outfit post!

I have worn a dark olive leather jacket with black jeggings because I did not want black to over power the look.

I have paired all white accessories to lighten up the outfit palette, balance is the key!

And here are some detailings:

Black and gold ring.

All white peep toes.

White handbag.

To finish off, white watch.

Now for a more candid shot, as my brother loves clicking non-posed photos, he feels they are better.

Jacket: Lakshita
Top: A China purchase
Jeggings: Zara
Shoes: Stilletoes
Bag: Marta Marzoto
Watch: Aldo
Ring: Cannaught place

I hope you guys have a fabulous year ahead and 2014 be amazing for  you!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oriflame Studio Artist Gel Liner-Review and Swatches

My mom's best friend has been an Avon and Oriflame representative even before I was born so you see, getting products from these two companies had never been difficult, on the contrary they were more easy as my masi (that's what I call my mom's best friend although it is meant to connote mother's sister) used to guide us perfectly so that we knew what to buy and what not to.

With that little brief up, I am going to presnt today to you one of the new launches by Oriflame which is its Studio Artist Gel Liner! *drum rolls*

That is how it looks in the packaging and once you open it, you get this cute little jar which is same as the Elizabeth Rden gel liner.

The packaging is normal, a glass jar, a plastic cap, nothing to fuss about, clean sophisticated and chic.

 Coming to the ingerdients, well you can't really see because it has been overshadowed by a sticker on the packaging

Coming to the actual gel liner and its texture.

The gel liner has a smooth texture which works on the eye without tugging or pulling, it glides on perfectly, it personally feels softer and smoother than maybelline drama gel liner *woohoo*

This is a single stroke, look at the pigmentation! Layer it up to get this!

The thing that kind of dissapointed me was the brush.

Although the fibres are really soft and work well with the gel liner, there are 2 drawbacks, the brush is too small and it does.nt have a cap *sad face*

Here is the brush with a Rupee 1 coin for comparison.

Yes! It is that tiny!

Coming to how it looks on my eyes:

And 6 hours after application it looks like:

It faded from the waterline, otherwise it is completely intact *yay* and mind you, I did rub my eye once by mistake, didn't budge!

Quantity: 3 Grams

Price: Rs 449 (offers do always keep coming on Oriflame products, so keep your eyes open!)

Smooth texture
No tugging or pulling required
Nicely pigmented
Sleek packaging
Doesn't smudge
No fragrance

The brush is too small and doesn't have a cap
Doesn't stay on the waterline for too long

So this is a nice competition in the world of gel liner, try out if you get a hand on it, which are your personal favourite gel liners? Comment away, I love the Elizabeth Arden one, this a close dupe, and a cheaper one that too!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow palette review and swatches.

I love matte colours, that head over heels, can't live without it love!
Although I love shimmers,glitters and gloss as well, my love for matte is a notch up.
And I think I have found my soulmate, Matt(e)
So here he is, all of you can now too, Meet Matt(e)!

He isn't gorgeous just from the outside, but from the inside too!

Meet Matt(e) is a beautiful little palette from TheBalm which has one of the most gorgeous matte shades of all time.

Let's talk about the packaging, the palette comes in a cover which looks exactly like the packaging so if you thought I had two palettes in the above photo, you're mistaken, it was just the outer covering!
Once you take off the covering, there is a snap open palette, complete with a mirror and dual ended brush!

All the ingredients and shades are mentioned on the back of the palette:

Let's talk about the shades now!

The shades are as follows:
Matt Smith (A skin tone nude colour)
Matt Gallagher ( A little deeper, greyish-brown)
Matt Ramirez (Deep brown)
Matt McDonald (Royal blue)
Matt Horowitz (Ultramarine Blue)
Matt Chung ( A baby pink with yellow undertones)
Matt Batali (Plum)
Matt Schilling ( Bluish-green)
Matt Patel (A medium brown)
 And here are the swatches:

The right most shade is Matt Smith and left most shade is Matt Patel, so that is the order!

All swatches are just two swipes without any primer or base.

The colours are extremely pigmented and smooth in texture, butter smooth to say the least! *woohoo*

The colour selection is gorgeous and ranges from the best nudes to the most colourful!

From right to left :

Matt Smith
Matt Gallagher
Matt Ramirez
Matt McDonald
Matt Horowitz

From Right to left:

Matt Ramirez
Matt McDonald
Matt Horowitz
Matt Chung
Matt Batali

From right to left:

Matt Horowitz
Matt Chung
Matt Batali
Matt Schilling
Matt Patel

The brush is basically of no use, I don't like the bristles, they are a little too harsh for my eye. *sad face*

 In all, this is a gorgeous little palette with the best matte eyeshadows, I'm eying the Meet Matt(e) Nude too, the only problem is I already have tonnes of nude palettes! Anyhoo, world is based on hope!

Quantity: 9.5 grams

Price: Don't know the original price, bought on discount for Rs 1400

Gorgeous shades
Nice pigmentation
Smooth texture
Mirror included
No fragrance

The brush is not of the best qualities
Not easily available in India

So did you fall in love with him too?

I have a video tutorial using this palette, you might want to check it out ;)

Makeup using Meet Matt(e)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Maybelline Eye studio color tattoo (Edgy Emerald) review, swatches and 3 ways to wear it daily!

I watch a lot of international beauty gurus and this way I get introduced to many makeup products that are not available in India *sadness* and as soon as I see something extra ordinary or with cute packaging (reference to EOS lip balm) I want it, like I crave it, SO BAD!
Maybelline color tattoo was one such thing, I had seen a beauty guru use it much before it was launched in India and as soon as it was launched in India I knew I had to get it, so you see how I ended up buying this!

The shades that are available in India are:
Audacious Asphalt
Bad to the bronze
Bold Gold
Edgy Emerald
Tenacious Teal
Pomegranate Punk
Painted Purple
Fierce And Tangy

You would have probably guessed by now that the shade I am going to review is edgy emerald, oh how I just love the colour, I have so many eyeshadows which are the exact same colour and yet I can not just stop myself from buying this shade again and again!

Coming to the actual review, I love the packaging, Love love love it, it is so cute, and travel friendly! Extra points for the packaging!
Although some people are against makeup in a pot as it makes it unhygienic and messy, I do not face such an issue of messiness with this product.

When it comes to pigmentation, the product is decently pigmented and true colour does show up after 2-3 applications.

The texture is very light and smooth and applies on without tugging or pulling *I like*

There is no fragrance which is another plus point, I don’t like much fragrance in my cosmetics, until it’s either very subtle or to my liking! 

The quantity you get is a lot, A LOT, well actually 4 grams, and its quiet inexpensive too! 

The colour stays on my lid for 3-4 hours without creasing on its own, topped with eyeshadow, its good to go for the complete day!

So you probably have this product, and you probably love it as much as I do, but the question is, How to wear it on a daily purpose? You can’t sport a colourful eye everyday can you? So I have three ways by which you can wear it daily!

On the waterline:
Yes I tried it for myself and it doesn’t sting at all and stays for loooong!

As eyeliner:
An angular or a liner brush would do the job for this, I made a dramatic and bold liner, but you can choose what shape and style you want, go creative here!

On the lower lashline:
Apply a black or nude or white kohl/kajal on you waterline, for a pop of colour, apply colour tattoo on the lower lashline.

Versatile product, nah?

Quantity: 4 grams

Price: Rs 350
Long lasting
Cute packaging
Non messy 
Pretty shades
No fragrance
Easily available
Smooth texture
Glides on easily

Need 2-3 swipes to show proper colour
No brush included
No ingredient list

In a nutshell, this is an amazing product, which can be used in various ways!
I love it!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inglot Under Makeup Base Review And Swatches

So,this is my first post and nervousness kicks in, I have had almost 23 failed attempts of having a blog, you read that right, 23! I already have a youtube channel which takes up a lot of my time but I was planning on having a blog too, so after so many attempts this I promise is my last one, if I dont succeed in this, I shall retire from this dream of mine, enough with the melo-drama, let's get to the point of this post, REVIEW!
 I have chosen Inglot Under Makeup Base for review because well this is my very first post and this is the very first thing one should apply ideally when starting with makeup, so you see the sync? Not that my posts are going to be in this order,but you know,still, duh, dumb me!

The product comes in a black cardboard packaging which has all the boring information you need, well important too, but I find it a bit boring, I mean who actually knows what all those chemicals stand for? Not me!
 Inside the tube looks like this,isn't it so cute? I love it! it is transparent and you can see the product through it, which is transparent too!

 What the product claims:

A bit more about the packaging, it comes in an easy to use squeeze tube which easily controls the amount you need or want to take out, which for me is a pro, because I hate messy packaging! (as if anyone loves it!) 
 The product lives up to its claim and hence is one of my personal favourites, I do not have super oily or for that matter even oily skin, but during Indian summers, it tends to become oily due to sweat, not my fault! But this products stands true to its claim, It makes the face completely matte and sometimes I just wear this alone in Humid weather to make my face look matte!
 It makes the makeup application easier because of two things, It fills in pores and fine lines which makes your skin smoother it feels and appear softer too! I love how my skin feels after I have applied this primer!
 Because it is transparent there is no major hassles related to proper blending, a major pro! it gets absorbed into skin instantly and stays for all day long! You need just a little bit and you can apply this according to your need! If you have oily skin type, all over face, if you have combination skin, only on the T-zone and if you have dry skin, you can still apply it all over face, why? To make your skin softer, it doesn't dry out your skin in process of making it matte! *woohoo*
Price: Rs 900

Quantity: 30 Ml (will last a lifetime!)

Makes skin matte
Makes skin smoother and soffter
No fragrance
No need to blend
Cost effective
Only a little amount is needed
Doesn't dry the face
Easily available in India

None! Love this product!