Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to and how not to: Statement necklace

A statement necklace is named a statement necklace for a reason,it is supposed to stand out!
Today Im doing my first how to and how not to post,let me know if more of these would be welcome,and I would love to dress up in a *wrong* way (opinions are my own,you might not agree,and that is completely fine! )

 This gorgeous piece that you see in this post is by The Klick store.

You can order the same piece or any other piece by the klick store by:  

 writing her an email on the following id :
or inbox her on the facebook page : 

 If you like a product on her fb page but it isn't listed on Indiebazaar and you would prefer shopping through them! Just let her know and she will get that done. *yay*

The store is owned by Karishma,who defines herself and her store as: "I am an accessory lover... and I simply disliked wearing mass produced jewelry/ accessories. Hence, I started my own line of handmade accessories. Recently I have also started designing statement neck pieces. This store would be heaven for all accessory/jewelry lovers!"
The Klick Store is a paradise for all accessory/ jerwelry lovers. I stock the following products : Rings, Anklets, Bracelets, Neckalces, Earrings, Hairbands, Hairclips, Statement Jewelry.

Currently she ship the products only in India. Incase an international client wants to order she does process it, but minimum billing should be Rs.1000.
Shipping rates range from Rs.40 to Rs.80 depending on location and weight of the order.

Im going to work on 3 parameters: Print, neckline and colour. *let's do this!*



A busy print is a complete let down,it doesnt let the beauty of neither the neckpiece nor the print shine through,trust me,keep them for separate uses!


 Prints like stripes and polka dots are subtle enough to let the statement piece shine through,although,the neckline plays an integral part of it too!



Although this colour makes an amazing contrast against this particular piece,the neckline aspects of it totally kills it.


A neckline which doesn't interrupt the statement is best,although,you can choose a contrast colour with higher neckline too!



 Avoid wearing clothes from the same colour family as they would just feel like an extension of the neckpiece,contrast works better in this case!


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mint Garden

On 26th July,Nemo and I went to a restaurant to have a celebration lunch as well as she is working up on something exciting and as a girlfriend it is my duty to not only wish good for her but also support her,so as I was saying,we went to this restaurant which had like an amazing amphitheater like steps with step garden and I just knew I had to get clicked over their,luckily I wasn't dressed as a homeless person,I never do,except when I'm at home *khi khi khi*

I wore a scallop cut shirt,which was in a mint-ish colour *love*

I wore it with light jeans,which are a recent purchase.

A nude belt and a watch and nude and mint shoes and mint earrings to complete the look *colour coordination much?*

It was a beautiful place,and as for Nemo,I just want to wish her all the luck,and love much *kisses*

Outfit details:

Jeans: DJC
Belt: forever new
Shoes: Bata
Watch: Aldo
Earrings: Avon

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ready! Steady! Rain!

Monsoons. The smell of wet mud. The joyous rains and puddles. The romantic *errm* beautiful weather. Do I need to say anymore? Well,you can truly enjoy monsson only if you are properly equipped for it. Equipped? Well yes! *duh*

The idea to do this blogpost struck me when I was returning from college and it had just drizzled,and even though I was shit tried *really* I managed to get myself the outfit clicked.

This isnt exactly an outfit post,its more like a do's and don'ts for monsoon fashion.

Try to dress up in darker colours,because do I need to explain what happens when you get drenched in rains when you have light coloured clothes on? eh eh? Well they also get dirty *khi khi khi*

Trust me cotton shirts come in sooo handy. Not only do they let your skin breathe in the unimaginable humidity,They also soak up the rain water and dry quicker than other fabrics (Not counting polyesters as they will suffocate you to death,Oh yeah they will.)

A cute umbrella is a must! Mine is a polka dot one and look look the handle! It is an ombre heart! *dies*

Try to choose a bag which is waterproof or atleast have a waterproof lining. Although clear plastic bags are very in right now,I'm not a big fan! *booo*

Ponytails and buns are your best friend,they will save your hair against from getting all frizzed up in this crazy humidity.

Scarf anyone? Oh yes! If you forget your umbrella,or it just won't open at the right time,this will be your savior!

Try to choose a jelly or plastic shoe with open toe so that your feet can breathe and don't smell,we all have issues and it is okay to talk about them *serious face*

A no jewelry look is perfect but if you want you can add a dainty piece which won't get tarnished easily and has an excellent polish.

Lastly I added a nude belt,to break the dark undertones. Make sure it is not leather as leather can get ruined in the rain.

Those were all my tips for this monsoon,and the upcoming ones too! Hope this post wasn't too long! *puppy face*

Outfit details:

Jeans: USPA
Belt: Westside
Scarf: House of scarves
Shoes: Stilletos
Bracelet :
Umbrella: Jainsons Westend
Bag: Baggit

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to: Two ways to pair white on white.

White on white is a huge rage throughout the fashion scenario. I personally really like this trend for summers as white is a cool colour. The only sad part,if it gets dirty once,it's never the same *sobs*

But because I love this trend so so much for this season,I have for you guys 2 ways to do white on white and you can choose according to your clothing preference. *drumrolls*

Look 1:

The part I love about white on white the most is,it gives you creativity to pair it up with absolutely anything in the world. Ofcourse I had to go with my love,RED. I added a handbag,heels and necklace. And and and red lips! make sure you have a bright lip on as a nude would make you look washed off!

Outfit details:

Top: FBB
Jeans: USPA
Handbag: Totetecca handbags
Heels: Stilletos
Necklace: Self made
Belt: Forever New

Look 2:

And then obviously,metallic is something you can never get tired of! For this look,I went with a statement layered necklace and complementing heels and a top messy bun finished the look off for me.

Outfit details:

Shirt: Indian Terrain
Skirt: Gifted
Necklace: Street shopping
Heels: Stilettos

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