Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stressed crochet

*Gathers all remaining strength to write this blog* I AM UNWELL! *sobs*
But but but I had to keep up with my weekly blogpost promise so here I am writing a quick one sharing a semi casual semi dressed up outfit which is perfect for movie dates and casual dinners!

I paired this beautiful crochet top with these distressed jeans to make my outfit edgy yet feminine.

 The pink camisole gives the monochrome look the perfect pop of colour!

Also loving this fringe bag and pointed block heels these days!

Outfit details:

Camisole: Lifestyle
Heels: Venus
Bangle: Street shopping

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Floral lace craze

Well hello there!
If you don't already I'll give it away, I love floral and lace, and together they are the bomb dot com! And well on me, you can judge yourself

I paired this bodycon floral dress with this lacey coverup *duh*

Coverups like these are great when your dress is too short *errmm*

And golden accents to brighten up the whole outfit.

Some pearls for all that jazz

And my trusted Rayban babies

A random pic which I loooovveedd!

Outfit detials:

Dress: Forever 21
Cuff and ring:
Heels: Stilletos
Shades: Rayban

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Knotted? Sorted!

I'm writing this post while dreaming of fall and winters, I can't simply wait for them and then I see outside my window and the sun! Urrghh! I can't wait to layer things up and show to you guys, only if mother nature allows, so till then enjoy another light on the eyes outfit!

I have based my whole look around this gorgeous tie around skirt, I love the unusual blue-grey colour, it has my heart!

tie around skirts and dresses are in so much vogue these days and I had to jump on because I love it! Also it takes care of your mini paunch *khi khi khi*

A purple beaded necklace added a dash of color to this rather plain outfit, and obviously I had to throw in some gold because obsessed!

 Did you notice how my neck pieces have knots too? #Details

I love how this outfit is both minimalist yet edgy, that is so me!

Outfit details:

Shirt: Gap
Heels: Stilletos
Purple necklace: Westside
Golden chain:
Cuff: Kerastase
Bag: PinknPurple (instagran store)
Rings: Pinknpurple
Shades: Vintage

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Back to school

All the Indian girls will understand this when I say that we are extremely jealous of the back to school concept that exists in the Western world. I mean what does back to school mean for us? Tying up our hair in pony tails and braids and wearing our school uniform and covering our copies in boring brown paper! *sob sob*

But still I wanted to do a back to school (maybe college) sort of post which was includes fun and comfy clothes!

I love love love this maxi simply because the fabric is such a soft jersey material and is so breathable especially because its so hot and humid in Delhi right now, it is a saviour!

Tying a denim shirt around he waist makes everything so much more casual, laidback and back to school typish! *yaaaay*

Mint backpack, sneakers and drop earring with reflectors completed my look.

And ofcourse a taupe lipgloss, have I told you guys I have been obsessed with taupe lips? Oh yeah!

 Outfit details:

Maxi: Forever 21
Shirt: Wrangler
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Mesh bag
Shades: Vincent Chase
Earring: Avon
Bracelet: Bought in Manali

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Youtube: sjlovesjewelry
Instagram: shreyajain26
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