Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stila Color Push Ups All Over Color Stick in Rose Flash review and swatches.

Valentines Day is just around the corner, and no matter how much I might believe in one day not being the only day to express love, I just can't ignore it!
Somehow I just attach valentines to roses, kisses and flushed cheeks! Yes I can include makeup in anything whatsoever! *woohoo*

So probably you have guessed by now that today's product is going to be a blush, but which one? Here it is folks! hold your breathe for this awesomeness!

Stila color push ups all over colorin Rose flash.

This is just how the outside cardbox packaging looks like, ingredients at the back!

It is from the inside that the packaging blew me away! I mean look at that! It is the most innovative packaging I have ever seen!

You can actually push up the colour! All thanks to that rotary button,I love how innovative Stila's packaging is!

The colour in itself is very pretty too!

And here are the swatches on my hand.

It gives a glowy effect to the skin,which I love!

Shame that it only stays for 2-3 hours *boooo*

Quantity: 8 Grams

Price: Rs 3500

The packaging
The colour
No fragrance
Ingredient list

Doesn't stay for long

Although I love its packaging,but the price and staying power just doesnt justify it,so I wont actually recommend it.