Sunday, August 16, 2015

Miss you blue

Well well well, guess who didn't keep her one post per week promise? Meee!
I missed you, did you miss me too? *Puppy eyes*

Anyhoo, I will still keep on trying till I succeed with being constant, and hope that you guys stick with me too!

Today's outfit has a pretty beachy vibe to it and it becomes more special because it was a gift from an #SJFam member and an amazing human, Ruchi (She has a youtube channel too, check it out here: )

I love this fun playsuit and the print is to die for!

Because the playsuit is all about the cool tone, I added some gold to bring in a litlle teensy amount of warmth to the whole look.

This outfit is so perfect for the ongoing weather as it is easy breezy and yet so so so dressy *obsessed*

 Outfit details:

Playsuit: Gift from Ruchi
Heels: Stilletos
Ring: Pink n Purple box

I hope that you liked this post, also wish me luck so that I can be more punctual with posts *khi khi khi*

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  1. The dress is pretty and the print is even more pretty...Love the nail paint and the overall look... :* :)

  2. Loved the dress,.. You look totally chick,.. xoxo

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  4. Love your earrings...You are beautiful..
    Following your Youtube channel religiously..:):)

  5. love the earrings and the polish <3

    Check it out ladkiyo

  7. I am loving this blue dress of yours. It's lovely and vibrant.
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