Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How to style designer statement pieces ft. Studio Shivaya

Whenever I have to dress up in a hurry, I always tend to grab statement designer pieces which tend to dress you up without much effort, today I am going to show you one such piece from Studio Shivaya and one bonus outfit as well!

This button down maxi is the perfect piece if you are looking for something that will instantly brighten you up as well as it can be worn in several ways which I will be sharing too! The first way is to ofcourse wear it just as it is, with some heels and earrings *taadaa* you are ready to go!

Next, to dress it up a little more formal-ish you can wear it with palazzos and unbutton the maxi till your mid-riff.

I added a waist chain as well as traditional earrings, this just added to the look!

if you are an all black or monotone sort of a person like me but still want to play up your look a bit, this button down maxi is your saviour! I added it to an all black outfit and it just instantly gave so much more dimension to it!

This maxi works even if you want to look a little laid back and casual, just remove the pants and add a candy coloured pair of shorts and you're done!

Add flats and you're done, this is such a versatile piece, I love it to bits!

Now for the additional outfit, I have this reaaallllyyy cute skirt which again is soo statement-ish you really don't need to do much with it, it speaks for itself!

I mean can we take a moment and appreciate how disgustingly gorgeous this skirt is?

You can shop these two pieces along with a lot more statement stuff tomorrow, that is the 4th of February at  Vasant Continental from 11 AM to 8 PM at Eventique concepts by Reema Arora where Studio Shivaya is showcasing their amazing collection, you can also contact the owner, Roshni Kakkar on her number, 9891989199.

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  2. those many various ways...i m loving it
    thanku shreya
    the other day i was about to buy the same style kurti but was clueless how to pair it up...u cleared my confusion..
    u look fab