Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sawadhee Spa, Vasant Vihar Experience and review

I usually tend to get of a place if I visit it often, but if there is one place I can visit over and over again its a spa!

My last post, which was an outfit post was shot outside one such picturesque spa, Sawadhee, which means welcome in Thai. Sawadhee is located in Vasant Vihar's plush market and is spread across a nice area. The vibes of the place re really positive and welcoming.

 There is a foot station at the entrance which can host 3 people together, Sawadhee is also opening a salon section really soon.

All their oils and scrubs are made in house to maintain the natural goodness as well as freshness.

I was booked in for a couple spa room which was quiet spacious. Another thing to mention is that all the rooms had their separate washrooms and steam area, which is really nice as it maintains privacy and hygiene.

I took the oil-less Thai massage, which was a new experience for me as I have always had oil massages, the masseuse was well trained, but they only have female masseuse, even for men *wink wink*

I also took the body scrub, which was a little abrasive, I would have preferred the scrub to be a little less harsh.

Then came the best part of the spa, jacuzzi! Oh my god! I fell in love, it was so relaxing and calming, I wish I had a nice book and wine to make it perfect! (Atleast I had my coffee and a good company!)

You can check the service list and rates which are up on their website:

Overall it was a pretty good experience and one can go here to unwind and relax, especially in the jacuzzi!

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