Thursday, October 23, 2014

Out of bed

All hail bedshorts! If I could, I would live in them and today's post is one step towards that Utopia!

There ould be various reasons why you would want to wear bedshorts out of the bed:
  1. You are running late and you have no time to bath or even change clothes *eew though*
  2. All your jeans have been martyr-ed in the zombie apocalypse
  3. your bed shorts are comfortable as shit *yes yes yes*

My reason is the third one, my mom has to literally beg me to let go of my shorts for a while atleast to wash them and I'm like NO!

The sole reason for this post is to make wearing bed shorts out of the bed  reality (why not?)


My bed shorts are way to cute to be hidden under the layers of warm comfy bed sheets!

So I paired them with an oversized shirt *effortless*

To add a bit of definition and colour I threw on a pink belt, some pink heels and a pink pearl bracelet and tadaaa we are ready to go!

Good to go!

Outfit details:

Bedshorts: Westside
Shirt: Indian Terrain
Belt: Asos
Heels: Marie Claire
Bracelet: Westside

P.S. Happy Diwali everyone!

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  1. team bed shorts yaaay!! even my mom begs me to atleast wash dem!