Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Maybelline Eye studio color tattoo (Edgy Emerald) review, swatches and 3 ways to wear it daily!

I watch a lot of international beauty gurus and this way I get introduced to many makeup products that are not available in India *sadness* and as soon as I see something extra ordinary or with cute packaging (reference to EOS lip balm) I want it, like I crave it, SO BAD!
Maybelline color tattoo was one such thing, I had seen a beauty guru use it much before it was launched in India and as soon as it was launched in India I knew I had to get it, so you see how I ended up buying this!

The shades that are available in India are:
Audacious Asphalt
Bad to the bronze
Bold Gold
Edgy Emerald
Tenacious Teal
Pomegranate Punk
Painted Purple
Fierce And Tangy

You would have probably guessed by now that the shade I am going to review is edgy emerald, oh how I just love the colour, I have so many eyeshadows which are the exact same colour and yet I can not just stop myself from buying this shade again and again!

Coming to the actual review, I love the packaging, Love love love it, it is so cute, and travel friendly! Extra points for the packaging!
Although some people are against makeup in a pot as it makes it unhygienic and messy, I do not face such an issue of messiness with this product.

When it comes to pigmentation, the product is decently pigmented and true colour does show up after 2-3 applications.

The texture is very light and smooth and applies on without tugging or pulling *I like*

There is no fragrance which is another plus point, I don’t like much fragrance in my cosmetics, until it’s either very subtle or to my liking! 

The quantity you get is a lot, A LOT, well actually 4 grams, and its quiet inexpensive too! 

The colour stays on my lid for 3-4 hours without creasing on its own, topped with eyeshadow, its good to go for the complete day!

So you probably have this product, and you probably love it as much as I do, but the question is, How to wear it on a daily purpose? You can’t sport a colourful eye everyday can you? So I have three ways by which you can wear it daily!

On the waterline:
Yes I tried it for myself and it doesn’t sting at all and stays for loooong!

As eyeliner:
An angular or a liner brush would do the job for this, I made a dramatic and bold liner, but you can choose what shape and style you want, go creative here!

On the lower lashline:
Apply a black or nude or white kohl/kajal on you waterline, for a pop of colour, apply colour tattoo on the lower lashline.

Versatile product, nah?

Quantity: 4 grams

Price: Rs 350
Long lasting
Cute packaging
Non messy 
Pretty shades
No fragrance
Easily available
Smooth texture
Glides on easily

Need 2-3 swipes to show proper colour
No brush included
No ingredient list

In a nutshell, this is an amazing product, which can be used in various ways!
I love it!


  1. Pretty color. I own Bad to the Bronze, Audacious Asphalt

  2. It looks good on waterline! I never tried it because I thought it would irritate my eyes!

    1. I thought so too,until I tried it,it doesnt at all! :D

  3. I have it in Bad To The Bronze and Audacious Asaphalt! Love the way how you showed various ways to use it on daily basis! Thanks :)

  4. Was a bit skeptical about buying this and then i came across your blog. Loved your review and the ways you have used it... thanks a lot

  5. Was a bit skeptical about buying this and then i came across your blog. Loved your review and the ways you have used it... thanks a lot

  6. From were we get da product ?

  7. From were we get da product ?

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