Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oriflame Studio Artist Gel Liner-Review and Swatches

My mom's best friend has been an Avon and Oriflame representative even before I was born so you see, getting products from these two companies had never been difficult, on the contrary they were more easy as my masi (that's what I call my mom's best friend although it is meant to connote mother's sister) used to guide us perfectly so that we knew what to buy and what not to.

With that little brief up, I am going to presnt today to you one of the new launches by Oriflame which is its Studio Artist Gel Liner! *drum rolls*

That is how it looks in the packaging and once you open it, you get this cute little jar which is same as the Elizabeth Rden gel liner.

The packaging is normal, a glass jar, a plastic cap, nothing to fuss about, clean sophisticated and chic.

 Coming to the ingerdients, well you can't really see because it has been overshadowed by a sticker on the packaging

Coming to the actual gel liner and its texture.

The gel liner has a smooth texture which works on the eye without tugging or pulling, it glides on perfectly, it personally feels softer and smoother than maybelline drama gel liner *woohoo*

This is a single stroke, look at the pigmentation! Layer it up to get this!

The thing that kind of dissapointed me was the brush.

Although the fibres are really soft and work well with the gel liner, there are 2 drawbacks, the brush is too small and it does.nt have a cap *sad face*

Here is the brush with a Rupee 1 coin for comparison.

Yes! It is that tiny!

Coming to how it looks on my eyes:

And 6 hours after application it looks like:

It faded from the waterline, otherwise it is completely intact *yay* and mind you, I did rub my eye once by mistake, didn't budge!

Quantity: 3 Grams

Price: Rs 449 (offers do always keep coming on Oriflame products, so keep your eyes open!)

Smooth texture
No tugging or pulling required
Nicely pigmented
Sleek packaging
Doesn't smudge
No fragrance

The brush is too small and doesn't have a cap
Doesn't stay on the waterline for too long

So this is a nice competition in the world of gel liner, try out if you get a hand on it, which are your personal favourite gel liners? Comment away, I love the Elizabeth Arden one, this a close dupe, and a cheaper one that too!


  1. Looks good, I also ordered it. Cannot wait to try it! Nice revu! <3

  2. Heyyyy my love... So good to see you on blogger, I lost all my contacts so couldn't be in touch... Dying to meet u too... :)
    My fav gel liner is Estée Lauder one...

  3. This looks amazing. probably the best among the lot. U have lined ur eyes sooooo well <3

  4. awesome! Not too sure if Malaysia has this Oriflame

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    Please, let me know! ;)

  5. Very nice review. Good work. :-)