Saturday, December 21, 2013

Inglot Under Makeup Base Review And Swatches

So,this is my first post and nervousness kicks in, I have had almost 23 failed attempts of having a blog, you read that right, 23! I already have a youtube channel which takes up a lot of my time but I was planning on having a blog too, so after so many attempts this I promise is my last one, if I dont succeed in this, I shall retire from this dream of mine, enough with the melo-drama, let's get to the point of this post, REVIEW!
 I have chosen Inglot Under Makeup Base for review because well this is my very first post and this is the very first thing one should apply ideally when starting with makeup, so you see the sync? Not that my posts are going to be in this order,but you know,still, duh, dumb me!

The product comes in a black cardboard packaging which has all the boring information you need, well important too, but I find it a bit boring, I mean who actually knows what all those chemicals stand for? Not me!
 Inside the tube looks like this,isn't it so cute? I love it! it is transparent and you can see the product through it, which is transparent too!

 What the product claims:

A bit more about the packaging, it comes in an easy to use squeeze tube which easily controls the amount you need or want to take out, which for me is a pro, because I hate messy packaging! (as if anyone loves it!) 
 The product lives up to its claim and hence is one of my personal favourites, I do not have super oily or for that matter even oily skin, but during Indian summers, it tends to become oily due to sweat, not my fault! But this products stands true to its claim, It makes the face completely matte and sometimes I just wear this alone in Humid weather to make my face look matte!
 It makes the makeup application easier because of two things, It fills in pores and fine lines which makes your skin smoother it feels and appear softer too! I love how my skin feels after I have applied this primer!
 Because it is transparent there is no major hassles related to proper blending, a major pro! it gets absorbed into skin instantly and stays for all day long! You need just a little bit and you can apply this according to your need! If you have oily skin type, all over face, if you have combination skin, only on the T-zone and if you have dry skin, you can still apply it all over face, why? To make your skin softer, it doesn't dry out your skin in process of making it matte! *woohoo*
Price: Rs 900

Quantity: 30 Ml (will last a lifetime!)

Makes skin matte
Makes skin smoother and soffter
No fragrance
No need to blend
Cost effective
Only a little amount is needed
Doesn't dry the face
Easily available in India

None! Love this product!


  1. woah! this sounds like a great primer. U've tempted me to pick this up <3

  2. Wow, Am gonna buy this ASAP... :)

  3. Lovely little blog. I have my 100th post coming out on Tuesday