Thursday, December 26, 2013

TheBalm Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow palette review and swatches.

I love matte colours, that head over heels, can't live without it love!
Although I love shimmers,glitters and gloss as well, my love for matte is a notch up.
And I think I have found my soulmate, Matt(e)
So here he is, all of you can now too, Meet Matt(e)!

He isn't gorgeous just from the outside, but from the inside too!

Meet Matt(e) is a beautiful little palette from TheBalm which has one of the most gorgeous matte shades of all time.

Let's talk about the packaging, the palette comes in a cover which looks exactly like the packaging so if you thought I had two palettes in the above photo, you're mistaken, it was just the outer covering!
Once you take off the covering, there is a snap open palette, complete with a mirror and dual ended brush!

All the ingredients and shades are mentioned on the back of the palette:

Let's talk about the shades now!

The shades are as follows:
Matt Smith (A skin tone nude colour)
Matt Gallagher ( A little deeper, greyish-brown)
Matt Ramirez (Deep brown)
Matt McDonald (Royal blue)
Matt Horowitz (Ultramarine Blue)
Matt Chung ( A baby pink with yellow undertones)
Matt Batali (Plum)
Matt Schilling ( Bluish-green)
Matt Patel (A medium brown)
 And here are the swatches:

The right most shade is Matt Smith and left most shade is Matt Patel, so that is the order!

All swatches are just two swipes without any primer or base.

The colours are extremely pigmented and smooth in texture, butter smooth to say the least! *woohoo*

The colour selection is gorgeous and ranges from the best nudes to the most colourful!

From right to left :

Matt Smith
Matt Gallagher
Matt Ramirez
Matt McDonald
Matt Horowitz

From Right to left:

Matt Ramirez
Matt McDonald
Matt Horowitz
Matt Chung
Matt Batali

From right to left:

Matt Horowitz
Matt Chung
Matt Batali
Matt Schilling
Matt Patel

The brush is basically of no use, I don't like the bristles, they are a little too harsh for my eye. *sad face*

 In all, this is a gorgeous little palette with the best matte eyeshadows, I'm eying the Meet Matt(e) Nude too, the only problem is I already have tonnes of nude palettes! Anyhoo, world is based on hope!

Quantity: 9.5 grams

Price: Don't know the original price, bought on discount for Rs 1400

Gorgeous shades
Nice pigmentation
Smooth texture
Mirror included
No fragrance

The brush is not of the best qualities
Not easily available in India

So did you fall in love with him too?

I have a video tutorial using this palette, you might want to check it out ;)

Makeup using Meet Matt(e)