Saturday, January 18, 2014

Revlon SkinLights in Golden Lights-Review and Swatches.

What is the one thing we all crave for?

Glowing luminous skin! well it is no longer a difficult task to achieve that, presenting to all of the Revlon SkinLights! *tada*

There are two shades available, golden lights and pink lights, I went for the golden one because pink lights could be used only as a blush, while this amazing thing here, can be used as an all over illuminator!

I love the packaging! it feels like it a squeezy tube, but it isn't! Its hard and has a pump dispenser which makes the packaging non messy and easy to use. *woohoo*

The ingredients are mentioned at the back,here:

It says it is an illumating lotion, and it couldn't be truer! It moisturizes the skin too and you need just a tiny amount of it, almost just this much for one cheek:

Once you blend it,it gives a nice bronze glow to the skin, which is apt for all skin tones, especially Indian!

It stays on for 4-5 hours and this is how it looked after 4 hours:

It does have a mild fragrance but it doesnt bother me at all!

Quantity: 45 Ml

Price: Rs 880

Beautiful shade
Convenient packaging
Decently priced
Mild fragrance
Ingrdient list
Moisturizes the skin
Stays on for long

Few shades, a little more of them won't hurt *wink*

Tell me if you get to try out Revlon SkinLights


  1. ooooh i thought this was a tube because of the packaging! :p This sounds amazing!

  2. Nice one.. I have tried a similar product from street wear.. Similar packing etc.. I love such products.. Will check this one out