Thursday, January 2, 2014

Carmex lip balm review and before-after!

 Do you run towards your lip balm in winters like I do? Come winters and my lips start to cry for help,I have to constantly apply a lip balm from keeping my lips from chapping. Trust me it was a task!

I had heard a lot of rave reviews on Carmex but alas, it isn't available in our country, I wanted to purchase it and I could only when I saw it on none other than asos! I was already ordering a few stuff from there so I added this little piece of joy in my life (and the cart!)

Look how cute is it!

 Carmex comes in a lovely yellow packaging in various forms,like tub,stick and the one I got, tube.
The packaging gives a very vintage-y feel. *I like*

The ingredients are listed at the back.

The outer packaging says that 130 Carmex lipbalms are sold every minute! *woohoo*

I chose the strawberry varient and I like flavoured lip balms more than the non flavoured ones, a personal preference,there is a huge variety available!

The application in easy and it has a rounded tip with a very precise hole so that you can control the quantity of the product.

Now let's talk about how it does what it is actually supposed to do, nourish the lips!

You know that feeling when something is over hyped about and you do everything you can to get it because every one loves it only to find that it doesn't work for you? I thought it was going to be same with this product, but boy was I wrong?!

This product nourishes the lips crazily and I feel it has peppermint too because there is a little bit of stinging that is felt after application for 10 minutes and lips feel and look fuller too! *extra brownie points*

Normally I have to re apply a lip balm within 2-3 hours but this lip balm stays on lips for about 5-6 hours and provides moisture upto 8 hours,which is crazy!

The colour is clear,so it can be easily applied beneath a lipstick of your preference.

Now here are my before after photos:

For some more lip posing *chuckles*

I was a lip balm atheist and now I am a believer!

Quantity: 10 grams

Price:  £ 2.25 (equal to Rs 225)

Extremely nourishing
stays for upto 8 hours
Has lip plumping qualities
Clear colour
Cute packaging
Easy to apply

Availability issues

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry lips or just want softer lips!


  1. I have this and love this...great review dear :)
    Would you like to follow each other :)

  2. Nicely reviewed Dear :)
    I havent tried my luck with this one - It looks a good product which I would like to give a shot :)

    1. It is genuinely a nice product,try it if you can :)

  3. ive been dying to try these. It sounds amazing!

    1. I was dying to try it too! had heard such great thing! finally :D

  4. This sounds good! I love strawberry lip balms! ^__^

  5. I really like strawberry its by far the best flavour lipbalm, I recently won some at and was so lucky it was strawberry, I nearly eat it lol