Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dual tones

I know I missed my saturday blog,but hey! its okay once in a while right?
Anyhoo,I was going out with my Girl-friend (best friend sounded too kiddish so yes) for a crazy outing so I had to wear something comfortable as well as not look homeless, so sticking to my clean palette for a wee bit longer, I decided to dress up in dual tones!

Red and black are my favourite colours, like the most loved ones!

So I paired a warm black sweater (It was so cold!) on a black jeans!

Somehow my friend likes to click pictures while I'm getting ready to pose, and they turn out better!

To break the goth black utfit. I added a red scarf with star print, a red belt, red flats and a red print bag! *wooh*

Thanks to my girl-friend for such amazing photos and she writes a blog too! which is more on lifestyle,check it out sometime (SHE IS AMAZING)

I hope you liked this outfit and take care till the next time we meet!


  1. You're welcome bro! :*
    I'm not sure if everyone is going to read my comment but what everyone should know is that you don't edit pictures at all! you are like naturally flawlessly pretty! :*

  2. I like your outfit, black and white look fab together... And I read ananya's comment that you don't edit your pics at all, that makes me ever bigger fan of yours..
    I am inviting you to enter phone covers giveaway

  3. Looking totally gorgeous <3


  4. You look Gorgeous Babe <3
    Loved the Quirky Bag and Cool Scarf :)

  5. You look Gorgeous Babe <3
    Loved the Quirky Bag and Cool Scarf :)