Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maxi(mum) Utility!

I love Maxi dresses, they are so comfortable and chic, plus they flatter my figure. So this winter I decided that I would make maximum use of my maxis and not restrict them only to my summer wardrobe! *yay*

Im sorry my hair makes me look homeless here because it was so windy outside, trust me I don't look that homeless in real life! *sad face*

Coming back to the outfit, I'm wearing a purple maxi by Femella which is available at Myntra.com
To keep myself warm I have added a black blazer.

Coordinating it with my black sequined pumps.

To add a little bit of jizz and glamour to the outfit, I added a swarovski belt and a garnet and crystal bracelet.

I f your venue is going to be a heated inside hall or room, you can even take of the blazer and show off just the maxi!

My style is kind of non-fussy, simple and clean palette, I do experiment and you will see that in upcoming posts!

Stay warm these winters!


  1. oooooh I neer thought maxis can be worn in winters. u look gorgeous and not at all homeless :p lol

  2. Ooo hoo hottie... Rocking your maxi in winters too, I like how you styled it.. :)

  3. Ohhh...I have seen you gal and Homeless is not the word....the word is Gorgeous and Pretty. Glad that you started a blog too. Hope you remember me from Nature's meet :)