Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kaftan calling

The temperatures and the humidity have officially crossed all limits. ALL. And in this weather,the only thing that one can bear is flowy clothes and shorts and skirts.

In this look I combined all three!

A kaftan top is appropriately airy for this hot and humid temperature and skorts are a love child of comfort and style made in heaven! *khi khi khi*

These skorts belong in 2003,yes,I got them i 2003,and I fit into them now,yes,I have been a chubby baby,happy? *sobs* Okay,Im kidding,not about the 2003 part though,that's true!

I wanted to keep this look fuss free,because there is so much going on with the sleeves already,and hence I just added two dainty pendant chains.

Outfit details:

Top: Street shopping
Skorts: Don't remember 
Heels: Stilletos
Necklace: Koovs

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Instagram: shreyajain26
Twitter: sjovesjewelry


  1. I remember I used to dress up my barbie doll like this ... pink top while skirt heels and pendants ... do I need to say that you look like a barbie .... but which one .... that's hard to choose 😚😚😚😚😚

    1. Yayaya,your comments make me smile from ear to ear :D

  2. This makeup suits you. Makes u luk young and sophisticated

  3. I wish I could wear heels like urs <3
    Awesome outfit

  4. Oh My Goodness! You look extra fantabulous here <3 Kaftan tops are my favos!