Thursday, August 7, 2014

How to take care of your handbag.

If you ask in my opinion which part of an outfit is an investment,I wouldn't blink an eye before saying 'HANDBAG'.

Handbags are one of the most coveted pieces we have in our wardrobe so I have prepared a list of handbag care for you all to keep your arm candy looking like new forever!


I would highly recommend that you store your handbags in cloth cover and not plastic. Plastic doesn't allow your handbag to breathe (yes it needs fresh air too!) especially if its leather!


 Always clean your bag with a dust cloth after using it,if you wait too much,the dust and dirt can accumulate and will be tougher to remove later!


Keep a paper or airbag filling in your handbags so that they retain their shape,but caution here!  Don't overfill,as that wold lead to the handbag in expanding its size. (Again especially leather)


This one is a little time consuming,but isn't that what investments are all about *word play*

After using your handbag cover your hardware with a cling film so that the scratches are minimized.


This one is only for leather handbags. You can once or twice in an year using few drops of coconut and rub all over your bag (don't overdo) This would help in replenishing your handbag and keepit from cracking.

I hope these tips were helpful,let me know if you would like to see more care tips on the blog!

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  1. hi shreya! nice article...could you plz elaborate the cling fling part...what is it and how will it prevent from scratches?

    Suchi :)

    1. Cling film is a this plastic wrapper used for wrapping food. It will help shield the metal and will thus prevent scratches.

  2. Ok thanx :)

  3. Wow ... I'll forward this one to my mum .... she's insanely obsessed with handbags ... 😀

  4. Hey why did you miss Saturdays blogpost? I was really looking forward to read it!

  5. Thnx 4 d info ..... Really helpful for me nd my mum