Thursday, August 28, 2014

Put on LOVE + Ways to wear your midi rings

I love midi rings,has the trend caught on to you as well? I am sure it would have,because it is adorable *khi khi khi*

I recently got some rings from Put on love and oh my gosh! Trust me you guys they have the prettiest jewelry ever! *EVER*

Plus their packaging! *dies*

I am a sucker for cute packaging and this is the best I've ever come across,and trust me,I shop ALOT!

Now few ways to wear your midi rings!

Wear single midi rings in your index,middle and ring finger.

Stack up some midi rings on your middle finger.

  Wear a dainty midi finger just on your ring finger,above another ring.

Wear midi rings on index and pinky finger only.

These rings by Put on love look so dainty and cute but are sturdy too! I hate jewelry that feels like it is going to break any moment! But these are soo pretty! I definite thumbs up from my side!

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  1. their rings really are vey pretty

  2. Thank you, Shreya! They look absolutely beautiful on you! Great tips on how to wear them <3
    Online shop:
    Twitter: _put_on_love_

  3. I agree shreya really nyc packaging ... Thunbs up to put on love 👍👍 nd rings r also really nyc 😊😊