Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to wear a maxi skirt not like a maxi skirt: 3 ways.

Its summers and maxi skirts come off as a great relief,but what I worry about the most is,one can't really make it look thaaaaat different everytime,right? NO!
This is what today's post is all about! how to wear a maxi skirt NOT like a maxi skirt and youre sure to make heads turn!


This is a great way to play up your maxi skirt! mine looks so formal and classy! I love it.


This has got to be my favourite! like favourriiiittttte! Looks amaing and is much more easier to carry and you can always change the drape of the dupatta according to your liking!

Dhoti pants:

These are laidback and very breezy. All you need to do is grab the centre point of the skirt (the back side) bring it up in between your legs and pink to the waistline.

Which one was your favourite? Tell me!

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  1. such innovative ways of wearing maxi skirts's ")
    keep in touch

  2. Superb Shreya.. Loved ur ways to wear maxi... ;)

    U looking Fab darling.. And those cutuee bow slippers... :-*

  3. Wow I could never thought about wearing it as dhoti pants and Shreya, you look so beautiful in 2nd look! <3

    I nominated you for "The Sunshine Blogger Award" come and check out. :)

    Hugs & kisses

  4. shreya whr r the pink heels from

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  6. I liked d dress nd lehnga-saree look then d dhoti 1 BUT all were really innovative...👍👍😊