Thursday, March 20, 2014

Animal Instincts

I have always been a very conscious dresser,following clean palette,not going out of my comfort zone and restricting myself to the basics.
I had promised myself that I will change this step by step,and this outfit is one step closer. I chose to wear plazzo that too in animal in heart print! And as I told you by hotel balcony led to the most beautiful garden,here is where I found a nice shooting place!

As you can see,I paired my plazzos with a skin fit black top *because going too crazy is too mainstream*

I tried the jump pose twice this day,and once the next day.

Here is the other jump pose trial

I added a silver and pink choker to match the hearts on my plazzos *khi khi khi*

And here is a close up of the print

I chose to wear these because it was fairly hot in Agra and I needed something airy which was comfortable and fashionable too!

So let's get all tourist-y *chuckles*

This is at the door of Taj Mahal

And now tadaaa

Taj Mahal from the outside,and now a sneak peak!

Let's go to the nearby Red Fort *Agra Version,calm down Delhiites!*

Red fort looks white,why? Because Shah jahan had this crazy love fr White marble,the area of Red fort which he made was in marble too *Only if he gave me some of his money,sad cries*

 This is how I am starting to experiment with my clothes,what is your fashion taste like? Tell me!


  1. Well I think it's a going out if comfort zone season as I am doing that too..
    Glad u stepped out of your comfort zone as you look fab in those pretty plazos ..
    Keep in touch