Saturday, March 15, 2014

Boho Chic

Morning outings. Hmm. what should I wear? Dress? No its just friends Shreya you don't want to look overdressed. Top and jeans,yeah look homeless now!

These are a few things which come to my mind when I have to get ready for a casual outing with friends,only if a had a personal stylist,oh well that is me for now! *wishful thinking*

So for this movie date I particularly decided to go for the timeless boho look,and what better than a balloon top?

This is my first time with a balloon top as it adds more volume to your figure and can make you look fatter,which I didnt need earlier (not that I do now,but hey,experiments right?)

I paired navy blue with pink heart balloon top with black skin fit jeans.


To make the look more boho-ish I added a beaded necklace.

Can you see the tiny hearts? *cuteness overload*

I kept my bag and shoes in the same tone (I like to match my accessories, it's a thing)

I desperately need a pedicure *sadness*

A few more pics,enjoy!

How do you dress up for casual outings? Tell me!


  1. your feet are absouletly fine :) we are real people!! not plastic to have everyting perfect :)

    so stop by my site

  2. Shreya I cant stop my self i really like ur dressing style look n everything i love your ballons top is possible do the video in different outfits and also tell the brands as well

  3. Thankyou so much,I will surely do that :)