Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I am a sociology student,and if you know Indian sociology even briefly you would know that the term "Sanskritisation" appears again and again. Sanskritisation is a concept given by M.N. Srinivas and according to this theory lower caste converts into upper caste by adopting their practices.  Well the whole point of this was to tell you that the title has no link to this concept and I just fancy the name sanskritistion,so no controversies,please! *Useless explanation*

I rarely wear kurtis and Indian wear (until an occasion) and hence whenever I wear Kurti,I try and look my age *khi khi khi*

I chose a kurti which had some Sanskrit print over it,which I can make no sense of,my brother knows Sanskrit but won't help me *typical* so if any of you understand it,please do tell me what it means,here is a close up.

Another close up with the embroidery work.

I added jhumkis to the look for that ethnic touch *so original*

As these photos are from my vacation,I'll take you places *virtually* with me.

This is the "apparent" door from where Anarkali ran,you can never trust these guide type people,so I won't comment on how true the stories are.
Returning to the outfir,you see my bag *larger than life* and my shades *larger than life version 2.0*

This is my "Bahu" (Daughter in law) pose, well not really,here I was at the Dargah of Salim Chishti,so had to.

Also,the first picture of this blogpost was at Fatehpur Sikri,in case you were wondering.

These photos are of the balcony of my hotel room, Jaypee Agra, which had the most splendid garden views. My hair is in full glory here!

To finish off the day,I went to Kalakriti,which is a theatre show in Agra, where they have a Taj Mahal replica which weighs 8500 kgs *shock* But is worth seeing *the actor is handsome too,got a photo clicked with him as well,khi khi khi*

This was my vacation day 1,more outfits to come,anyhoo,how did you celebrate holi? Tell me!


  1. You look just beautiful..love ur fashion sense