Saturday, March 22, 2014


To be very honest with you all,no matter how impossible it might seem,off lately I have been getting bored of my monochromes,yes they still ar my favourite but now that spring and summers are coming up it is time to play with colour,so here am I,and the colours!

I am wearing a yellow crop top *which makes me look kind of fatter than I am in photos*

At first I thought I'd pair this crop top with a black spaghetti but then I thought "Hey! I was going to experiment na? Let's colourblock!" *woohoo* So pink was the answer!

To go a little more experimental,I colour blocked my look more by added teal sandals and neckpiece!

I also had shades,but I forgot them in car,and my friend just won't let me get them,so no sunnies in here.

If only colour blocking wasn't a risk enough,I had to sit on the railway tracks too! *khi khi khi*

Railway tracks are really slippery! I couldn't even stand on them! And you can clearly see it from the photos! Such disbalance!

By now you would have realized,hair flip is my favourite pose,what is your favourite pose? Tell me!


  1. My always pose with my hair many be because we have long hair.. :)
    I like your color block and the fact that you too risk
    Keep in touch

  2. I just noticed how you said i didn't let you get your sunnies :( I said you could :P