Thursday, March 27, 2014

Summer escape

I am loving palazzos off lately. They are like this sweet summer escape and extremely fashionable too! You can dress them up or dress them down easily.
As you know I recently went on another vacation and I carried 2 palazzos with me,for a 3 day trip. And I am so sure you are going to see a lot more of palazzos this summer. *khi khi khi*

Coming back to the outfit,this is what I wore

It is a sheer on sheer combination. I wore animal print on top and plain palazzos,opposite from what I wore day before this outfit.

I am carrying my vacation bag, quite large one,a black watch,chipstone bunch earrings and and lace slippers for comfort.

 You see that person in the background? *photobomber* He asked me if I was Malaysian,seriously? Why? Do I look like a Malaysian? Tell me,like really!

Have you been on the Yamuna Expressway already? It is so awesome! I've been there and I have fallen in love with that road! It is amazing! Must visit! Just for the drive! *lovestruck*

And a now a dose of fun photos

 Palazzos are my sweet summer escape,what is your? Tell me!


  1. u know am ur greatest fan, just admire u for everything, thanks a ton for sharing everything

  2. u r all dresses ur videos everything i just love it, and ur damn damn beautiful masha Allah

  3. You look great! You pulled off palazzo pants really well, hun! <3