Thursday, March 13, 2014


As you all know I had to share all my vacation outfit posts,this I think is the second last,I write this as I mentally decide what clothes to pack for my upcoming vacation,yes,another one! I told you is was up on the cards!
Anyhoo,I visited the konkan coast and life there is so laidback you loose all track of time. You can do so much in a day that you feel you've been there for weeks,you must give it a visit!

Inspired by the laidback lifestyle is my today's outfit post,all laidback.

Yes,I wore heels to beach,why? Because.

It was so windy that I attempted to do a humble Marylin Monroe pose. Judge me. *khi khi khi*

So as you can see I am wearing a dress with stripes on top and solid pink bottom.

My everyday vacation bag,Aldo watch and statement earrings.

Animal print shades to add jazz.

Here is one shot that I absolutely love,and I have no idea why,do you have such photos which you love without any reason?

A couple of more photos,Enjoy!

I like to vacation in places which are relatively unexplored,what about you? Tell me!


  1. I love the outfit! So gorgeous u look! Lovely top and skirt!

  2. Its such a Fresh Splash of Hue in your Outfit ! .. You look Lovely Dear :)
    Awesome Clicks <3

  3. Such a beautiful outfit <3 Love the spring colors!!!

  4. very cute....change you font if you can...its difficult to read !!! :)

  5. awesome outfit.. mind shoes went really well with that!! <3

  6. awesome outfit.. mind shoes went really well with that!! <3

  7. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur outfit.....n amazin clicks i must say......