Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chiffon Dreams

I've been missing from blogging for so long that it's not even funny anymore. Anyhoo I was on a vacation and this time I made sure that I got all my outfits shot! So presenting the first one

I am wearing a glittery gold sleeveless top paired with white shorts and a chiffon drape over it.

I added my favourite earring s to it and an animal print shades

As I was on a vacation and I had to travel light *airplane baggage issues* I carried just one handbag which suprisingly looked good with all my outfits!

As you see I changed my footwear. I was wearing golden tie ups in the first half of the day and later blue slippers, I did this because the tie ups were made of leather and I had to go near water in the second half, so yeah.

 This is how my outfit looked from the back.

 Hopefully there will be no long gaps now *fingers crossed*