Thursday, May 15, 2014


Remember in our childhood we used to make silly lists of how our future husband/boyfriend should be? Oh it was just me? Oh well. *AWKWARD*
So anyhoo,my list included these things:
Someone who gives me my space
Makes me feel comfortable
Not narrow minded

And finally after 19 years of my life,I found the perfect one!
Wait! Wait! Before you get any weird ideas,let me clarify,I am talking about my boyfriend jeans!

 Boyfriend jeans have a tendency to make you look fatter,but do  you think in this Delhi heat I really care? Oh yes I do,that is why I paired it with a skin fit top. *khi khi khi*

 To add a little pop of colour to the nude and blue look,I added a red bag,nude and red heels as well as a multi colour necklace.

 I can pose like no ones business! *mwuahahaha*

And here are the detailings!

So what do you look forward in your future partner/want in you partner? Tell me!

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  1. you rocked this outfit like a babe and i loved that neck piece and yea i sooo had a journal full of the description of my dream man heheh

  2. I so love your look SJ. Love your eye make up as well. I would love to see this eye make up tutorial. Please.

    1. It will be up tomorrow on my youtube channel :)

  3. i remember making so many such lists . :) u explained yours quite well , i smell something else apart from boyfriend jeans too
    well about the outfit, very smart , i like how you paired your jeans and nice necklace
    keep in touch

  4. Great pairing sj.. I agree with namita verma.. I would love to see the makeup look on your channel this Friday.. By the way, I make you know the kind of bead jewelry you are wearing in this look, so I would like to request you to take a look at my jewelry site Jinja jewels.. Here is the link
    And of couse, xoxoxoxoxox