Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LBD-ing the Indian way!

While I was planning how to open this post,I realized I am old. Yes I am growing up and I hate it. Can't we just stop time? Please? *sobs*
Okay,moving on,I was going through my dresses (feels like I have a million of them) I realized I hadn't worn my 18th birthday dress after my 18th birthday party,ever! its been more than one year,almost one and a half,so I decided to do an outfit with it. I had chosen a little black dress for my 18th birthday party,oh what a day it was! Anyhoo,I also realized that I was a safe player back then,I wore it with black pumps and straight natural hair. So this time around I decided to play it up!

I decided to add *Indian* elements to a classic LBD.

My LBD is plain with an upper peplum,which I love! the lower part hugs the body soo well! *lovestruck*

It also has a keyhole at the back *woohoo*

Coming to how I added Indian elements,I added my mom's Polki necklace, a waist chain which I had bought for my sister's wedding and had worn with my lehenga  and golden bangles!

And oh! I wore my hair in a messy braid!

I love knowing about different Indian cultures,do you have some special jewelry pieces in your culture? (I love Kashmiri conch piercing,Maharashtiran nath) Tell me!

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  1. hey thats a really nice dress. where did you get it from?? plus, i find that all you wear fits your body well.. whats your body shape? Plus plus, nice photography.. who clicks your phtos?? and hey can you post a bit earlier in the day?? i know you post exactly at 12 and i read it exactly at 12 too!! but it becomes a litlle too much wait abd excitement for me to read your posst LOL

    1. I got the dress from westside,Im an almost hourglass figure,undefined :P
      Unless stated,my mom clicks my photos :)
      And thankyou so much,I might as well adjust the timing ;)

    2. well thank you so much! i was just rquesting if you can post a bit earlir, someting like 9 only if it does not interrupt your schedule!!
      :) :)

  2. Nice dress! I love my toe rings! Initially they were big and it was so difficult to wear shoes but then i got myself smaller version of it and liking it from that day! I love thin and sleek wearing belts(silver/gold) when in sari too! :)

    1. In our culture we wear toe rings only after we are married,too sad i love those!

  3. Your post just reminded me of the dresses that I have not worn in ages, will look though all my collection 2moro.
    Pretty LBD, I like the addition of Indian elements.. They added so much glimmer
    I am baniya and in my culture we have heavy patyala, big waistbands and toe rings.
    Growing is a process I hate the most
    Would love if you drop by and follow my new blog www.indianbeautydiary.com

    1. Thankyou so much Pooja,and I loved your first post! :)

  4. Hey Shreya! I'm a huge fan of your videos!!!! Can u plz do a makeup collection video...thank u!

  5. Gosh !! This look is STUNNING !!! Amazing !!!