Thursday, May 8, 2014


Back in 2005,my mom got a pretty pastel peach skirt with back slit. I fell in love,it was totally my style,but oh wait! It didn't fit me,great!
So I promised my mom that one day I will get into shape and wear it,well,that day came today,after 9 years,I finally cut the tag from that skirt,and woohoo here it is

I was soooo happy that I could finally wear this skirt,9 loong years,like finally *yayayayaya*

I paired it with a sheer black kind of crop top which has pretty cutout detailing.

Somehow even after the peach,the look felt a little colourless so I added a turquoise belt and turquoise earrings too.

And black sequins heels for the jazz!
And I added my Ray bans

Some more photos. Because poser.

More than anything I was happy that I was able to keep my promise. Do you have such promises which you are looking forward to fulfill? Tell me!


  1. 9 years! seriously? mydad used to go abroad and get me clothes in a bigger size, so i have had to wait 9 yrs to wear them!! i mean not 9, but i remember waiting to wear a very beautiful back top for more that nine years but now when i wear it, its still loose! its got a lot of embroidery so i cant get it altered or the deign would get all bad seriously! butyou areright.. i've got a huge bag of clothes which i have run out of.. i hvent thrown them or give them off yet.. my mom scolds me for this, but ive told her, ll lose weight and i promise ill fit into them once again!! motivating me to lose weight and gr8motivation in that foto you posted on instagram too! pls comtinue with such motivational posts!!! Ps - I bet that black top wouldnt be right eve for my dad, i mean itll be huuuuge for him too LOL just jokin!! :* xD

    1. Haha,my parents used to get stretchy clothes,so they would fit me even when I grew fatter,and now they are my gym wear! Thankyou much,and sure :)

    2. LOL. Happens with me too!!

  2. Hey! loved ur post...nd i lyk dressing sense tooo i was wondering if u cud do a post or something on starting up a blog.....pls..:) nd ya makeup basics toooo...
    u r truly an inspiration 4 grls tryin 2 lose weight... m 1 of dem tooo ;)

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