Thursday, May 29, 2014

Plaid Away

I love plaid. It defines sophistication,although it is a little tricky to carry so I am sharing with you 2 ways to wear plaid this season.

Outfit 1:

 For this outfit,I wore a plaid skirt with a sheer coral top to bring some color to the outfit,I added sky high grey wedges and an intertwined bangle.
This is great for lunches and dinners!

Outfit 2:

For the second look I opted a for a plaid pant,which is high waisted and wore it with a fitted teal top. I added gold accessories to finish off the look!

Which one did you like better? Tell me!

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  1. hey i liked both of them .. great combination.. from where did you get those plaid trousers and both the gold kuyndan cuff and the intertwined bangles.. pls let me know.. i would like to purchase them cos they can be pared with loads of outfis..
    oh and please check your mail!! ive sent soo many mails and you dont seem to have replied.. :(

    1. The kundan cuff was a gift,and I got the intertwined bangles are from janpath :)
      Can you please send me the mail again? I recently changed my phone and the mails go directly to spam :(

  2. I liked both the ways you paired plaid but second one is more my style.
    Loved your wedges in the first outfit
    Would love if you can visit and follow my new blog ,

  3. Hey shreya..can you please tell from where did you get that plaid skirt..
    Also please do a MUN look if possible. I am a constant MUNer..will be of great help. Love your blog and also your youtube channel. The videos really help. Thank you. :)