Saturday, May 17, 2014


I love sequins. I mean who can hate giant particles of glitter?  They are sooo adorable *hormones talking,forgive me!*

But the only place where sequins seem acceptable is a club,so be it! I have 2 outfit ideas for clubbing for you all!

Now personally bodycons are great,they make you feel sexy and shizz but really,if you are going out for a night with crazy dancing and drinks and stuff do you want to wear something that feels like it is goign to strangle you? na-da but that doesnt even mean you are going to wear baggy tshirts and look homeless! Okay why am I even talking! Let's just roll out outfit number 1! *drumrolls*

Okay,I admit,I have this new obsession for grey,and it has nothing to do with 50 shades of grey. Okay maybe a little to do with it. *khi khi khi*
Grey subtles down the sequins and makes the look glamorous yet very feminine. The flowy chiffon makes sure that your dress doesn't cling to you while you are trying to show off your super cool steps.
I kept the earrings as a stud because I didn't wanted anything to clash with the sequins present on the bust area.

Let's move to look number 2!

Red is my favourite colour,I looove it,and I love this gradient sequins dress even more,and its an A line dress so even it won't strangle you. I accessorized with white and silver.

The makeup tutorial for the makeup I'm wearing in this blogpost is available here:

Which one do you like better out of the two? Tell me!

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  1. I like the red one more because it look more classy and elegant at the same time and will also keep you comfy while dancing.. The grey dress is also nice, but I thing for my body shape it might Make me look fatter. I think that the red dress can be worn for other occasions other that clubbing too. It can be worn for an elegant party, or even a dinner as it has sequins and will shine n the night.. Do continue to give more such tips

  2. Great sparking and comfortable options to replace a bodycon dress..
    I like red more on you
    Happy weekend

  3. That Red Dress Though, soo Good!!
    Where Did You Buy That From?