Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to select a traditional suit for teenagers.

Teenage is a pretty awkward time,I mean you want to look all grown at times and other times you just want to be a kid.
The thing with traditional suit is that it can make you look a little too grown up,which is not good (talk about people trying to fix your marriage in teenage years!)
So I prepared this simple list which shall help teenage girls to get suits,look their age,and look fabulous *You're welcome*

  • The silhouette

A silhouette is very important. The way to look your age is choosing a fitted on. Be it an Anarkali or a straight suit,fitted is younger,leave the salwars (I am talking about salwars and not patialas,which are informal) for your grandmothers.

  • Embroidery

Do not go for heavy embroidery suits as they tend to add age to you. If it is a very close relative's function,go for laces,studs something that can give a twist to plain,but not embroidery.

I love he aunties and uncles who over stock their plates and then trip over and drop food on my clothes,LOVE THEM TO BITS! *sarcasm*

  • The colour

Choose bright colours which make you look young. Trust me there are colours which make you look older. My personal favourites are royal blue,coral and hot pink.

  • The chunni

Leave it. Seriously leave it. I do that too. But if it is really important function and you have to,drape it on one side,dont take it like your mom does,on both the shoulders.

 Makeup and hair:

Leave your makeup minimal,it adds to age. try a fresh face,kajal and eyeliner and a nice fresh lip colour,you are good to. As for hair,leave it straight and curls make you look older. Avoid buns at all cost.

  • Jewelry
Skip the bangles and necklace,and stick to statement piece earrings only. They help,trust me. And maybe a watch!

  • Little detailings

Little detailing like a a cut out back can add that fun element to your suit and help you not look too grown up, Also nigh necks give you an edgy look,these are the things to look out for!

With that I finish this list,and I would mention again,this is for traditional clothing,patialas come in casual,so pleeeaassseee skip them in the comments *chuckles*

Tell me if you want more such guidelines on any other clothing,I would love to!


  1. Loved reading this post. I looove the coral and blue one. :) u look pretty!!

  2. Hey Shreya! Can u explain why we should avoid buns?
    Where do you buy your suits?

    1. Yup pls say tyat too. Its a gud one..

    2. Bun,until a nice messy bun,makes you look older.
      I love Chandni Chowk and Karol Bagh for suits :)

  3. Yeah pls do more guidelines as um vvvvv poor at all this stuff. Lovedvthe blue floor length anarkali. I have one bottle green rhe same one which I've hardly worn 2 times!

  4. Great tips to pick up suits, I agree with all..
    No salwar a, no dupatta on both shoulders, yes to back cutouts and no embroidery :)
    I loved your peach anarkali
    Keep in touch

  5. Can you tell where In chandni chowk? Because I make jewelry, I will be going the soon for renewing my stock.. I would like to purchase some suits for and upcoming functions for both me and my sisters..

    1. I would highly recommend Sant Lal Sanskriti :)

  6. These are great tips!! Beautiful suits!! Now-a-days really scared from the oldies in the wedding..! *run run* :p

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