Thursday, June 5, 2014

3 ways to completely change the way your maxi looks

A lot of people that I know do not buy clothes such as palazzo or maxi because they're scared that they can wear it in one way only,I am here exactly for this job!
Today's post is going to be how to change the way your maxi looks in 3 simple ways!

Look 1:

For this look,I added another skirt,which created a block colour effect,I tightened it up using a nude belt,added a nude envelope clutch and black pumps and bunch earrings.

This is perfect for dinners!

Look 2:

For this look,I added a three quarter sleeved denim shirt and tied it on the waistline. this gives a very casual boho effect. To stay in the vibe,I added flat slippers,headband and 2 bracelets which are matchy matchy.

Perfect for college.

Look 3

Look 3

Now this look is very very very different. All you need to do is add a kurti. Simple. To get into the feel I added thread bangles too. And some heels!

Perfect for Mandir outtings!

Which one did you like the most? Tell me!

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  1. Very innovative ways to wear maxi in different ways
    keep in touch

  2. very very nice.. whre is the maxi frm/ pls can fulfil myb request soon? i had mentikoned it n the previous post!!!!

  3. Great ideas to wear maxis in different ways!! Loved it :)

  4. shreya!!!! hii... :( go to your gmail please...
    and 3 look was pretty

  5. lovely.. the 1st was too experimental for me.. but the third was cute and very desi-chic like.. :)

    do come stop by my blogs.. may be we can collaborate too :)

  6. I love what you are wearing!
    Added you via G+
    Hope you add me back to stay connected ;)

  7. All the three looks are experimental but really pretty....can u please do a video.... reviewing the revlon colour burst matte lip balm....Please!!!

  8. i loved the third look. But u rocked all the looks

  9. I like the way you have experimented with a simple maxi dress. However, the first look, seems just wrong. Instead of the small skirt, if it would have been just that wide band of the black skirt, it would have added more definition to your waist. But,I believe it's a matter of choice and it didn't work well for me. I liked the other two looks, which seemed something that can be worn!