Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Aztec breeze

Ever since I have seen aztec,I have been in love with it. It looks so chic yet so effortless, The thing with me is if I like one thing I tend to overdo it,with the mustache trend,I got a bag a ring, a spectacle and what not.

I really really really wanted to get my hands on a nice printed aztec legging and I did finally! *woohoo*

This outfit is soo breezy,just perfect for summers *lovestruck*

I paired these leggings with a sheer white cotton top which doesn't suffocate me at all *phew*

For accessories I added a floral tiara,which is very in these days. It makes me feel sooo princess-y

Heavy duty chain

Floral bands

And some heels (because I have thunderous thighs and I needed to add height in order to make my legs look longer and hence slimmer *explanation much?*)

To wrap up this blogpost,a few more snaps

While you're reading this I am attending an event at JAFRA,let me know if you want to see a post on it too!

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  1. This is what I di, if I like something, I go crazy with it
    Nice leggings
    Keep in touch

  2. nice.. pls do my requestg soon! for the wedding!!

  3. u looks grgs dear.. that aztec print legging is fab.. <3
    yess yess i do need an OOTD post on ur Jafra's outfit .. ;)

  4. where is the top from? Also the jegging? High heels to look slimmer-this is one thing every girl with thunder thighs (including me) will agree with.

    1. The top is from H&M and you can find the leggings in an online store :)

  5. you are an inspiration..u look very pretty :)

  6. Hello Shreya, I would like my wife, who is also from Delhi, to wear these leggings but would need a top to come down lower. What do you suggest?

  7. hi shreya can u tell me the which online store can we get dz leggin

  8. hi shreya i love ur videos ur awsome and i have seen ur instagram pics in dat black and white printd leggin and yellow top dat outfit is superbbbb can u tell me wer can i buy dat yellow top and white and black leggin