Tuesday, June 17, 2014

JAFRA bloggers pamper party

Today is a different post,no outfit,no how to nothing. It is extremely hot in Delhi,EXTREMELY! And honestly who doesn't like to be pampered,be it hot or cold? I love being pampered any time of the year/month/week/day.
So when JAFRA invited me for a bloggers pamper party,I jumped onto it.

Here are the pretty ladies,with their goody bags,all smiles at the end of the pamper party *wide smile*

So let's show you the ambiance of the place

They had all of their products lined up for us to see and use and we were seated on two table,because it was a BIG group *woohoo*

Now lets see what we did!

We were first given some sea salt and water to soak up our feet for a foot detox.
We bloggers can listen,click photos and enjoy a foot detox,all at once! *khi khi khi*

Then we were given this scrub to scrub off the dead skin from our feet.

Last but not the least,we enjoyed this mud face mask with cucumbers to relax our eyes and face!

Throughout the pamper party we were talked through by these two lovely ladies

It was indeed a day of pampering and fun and what made it special was the company! Thankyou JAFRA and my lovely fellow bloggers for an amazing day! *yay*

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  1. Looks like u had a great and very relaxing time
    Keep in touch

  2. My mother had organized a surprise pamper party .it was just great.. all our guests appreciated the beauty treatments given by BeautiVision.. :) I am happy that I chose the perfect one : http://www.beautivision.com/pamper-parties