Saturday, June 7, 2014


By now you all would have already realized that I love make sociology references in my posts,for the ones reading my blog for the first time,I am currently pursuing sociology,hence! *khi khi khi*

Whenever we study colonialism there are three approaches to study it: Occidental (western) Oriental (eastern) and the the sub-altern.

Somehow the word oriental reminds me of Chinese,Thai and south east Asian cultures,and hence the name!

Here I am wearing a fan dress with floral print *total love*

I am sorry if the lighting looks a little blih here,but a girl takes her own sweet tie in getting ready,right? *chuckles*

I paired it with the *PINKS* (on saturdays,we wear pink!)


I love how flowy this dress is! 
What do you make references to in your dy to day life? Tell me!

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  1. Beautiful! :)

    Kisses, Kali

  2. u toh looking good and awesome as usual but ur bud is damn awesome, if u cud teach us how u did???

  3. Ohk its kinda weird asking you this over here but ummm..wt kind of a bra are wearing ?

  4. I like your sociology approach and the dress
    Pretty dress
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  6. You nailed the look :) I liked it!

  7. The colour of this dress is very pretty and suits u a lott!!! :)