Thursday, June 19, 2014

Romp away

It is extremely hot in Delhi these days. Every other blog is gushing about the heat,the humidity and I couldn't agree more.
It is a task to step out of the home,and to do that actually change into something less comfortable than your bed shorts is pure torture!
So when I had t absolutely get out of the house,I chose something which was comfortable yet stylish.
*no prizes for guessing*


I love the colour,it is very unusual,and all the credit goes to mommy love,she chose this one for me *hugs*

This is perfect for summers as it is airy,but looks very very very dressed up! *woot woot*

To add a pop of colour,I added this beaded necklace

I also added a golden bracelet

And golden wedges

This outfit makes up for a comfortable yet doable outfit that I look forward to rock more *decreases A/C's temperature to 18*

Are you also under house arrest most of the times like me? *chuckles*

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  1. Such a pretty romper! I love the way you styled it :))

    Kisses, Kali
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  2. nice. where are the jumpsuitand the wedges from? i always wanted to ask you about the wedges k a lot fo outfits, but i comment later n the evening and tend to always forget and can you do whats in my bag video??

    1. The jumpsuit is from an online store and the wedges are from stilettos :)
      I would love to do a video on that :)

  3. Delhi heat is killing .. I don't like to go out if I have to then shirts is what I wear
    Nice romper
    Keep in touch