Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monochrome candy

Is it just me or whenever anyone has to rush out of the house on a short notice their hands reach for the monochromes?

These photos were clicked almost a month back and I have no clue as to why they never made their way on to the blog. *sobs*

Quick bio-I was given 15 minutes to get ready,while I was in my pj's so this is some inspiration for those who are given absolutely no time to get ready but still want to look fab!

I wore this off white loose top with sequins,and as the title says,made it monochrome with my beloved black jeans. *absolute love*

But but but,the title also says candy right? No I didn't actually have candy with me,but I wanted to add some colour to this outfit,so I accessorized this outfit with candy colours.

Even after being given just 15 minutes,I managed to get myself clicked *talk about negotiation powers of girls!*

What do your hands reach out for in a hurry? Tell me!

Outfit details:

Top:Sarojini Nagar
Jeans: United States Polo Association
Belts: FBB
Clutch: India Circus

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