Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Neon block

So I was looking at the first posts and I realized how far have I already come with experimenting with my looks! I have been wearing clothes I never ever imagined wearing even in my wildest dreams!

So maintaining that *crazy* streak here is today's outfit post *tadaa*

You guys know that I was a safe player so just imagine me,wearing a neon colour-blocked look! i mean 3 months ago I would have laughed at this thought! *khi khi khi*

I wore this neon orange (which doesn't look too neon,but trust me its 100 times more neon in real life) striped cami with purple!

Orange and purple! I mean whhhaaatttt?

My expressions show the surprise right?!

I teamed it with this chunky dark blue necklace (really Shreya what is wrong with you today?)

 Layered on some bangles and bracelets

 And ofcourse the heels!

This experimentation was waaayyy out of my league!

Did you like it? Tell me!

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  1. You surely have started experimenting a lot..
    I really like your styling if neons. Though cami does not look neon in pics but I like it
    Keep in touch

  2. Nice.. Where r d necklace & skirt frm??

    1. The necklace is from westide and skirt from USI :)

  3. Beautiful neckpiece! I really like the top :)
    Can we follow each other?

  4. Hey can u do a hair & make up tutorial of what u wore to ur sis's wedding?? I boughta lehnga something like urs inspired by u in the same color combo qn would like to do hair qnd makeip as urs too.pls do it anytime soon within next Friday as my elder bro's wedding is just 2 weeks away and I wabt ro try out d look and perfect it b4 d wedding! e