Tuesday, June 24, 2014

True Love

Have you ever looked at someone and been like
"I can't love anyone more than this"
You look at them and you know,it is different,and you wouldn't want anyone but them to be around you,all the time.

They make you smile in a way no one ever has or will be able to.

And you try to incorporate them as much as you can in your life.

They make you feel at home,full of life and energy,like it should feel.

For now,I would like to give that place to my new loves,this dress and earrings.

Wait,what did you think?

Outfit details:
Dress: Tmart.com
Earrings: Tmart.com
Heels: Marie Claire

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  1. Sexy as hell shreya ... Btw whr are your earrings from..

  2. I hoped the story would go on and on and on haaahaa,i love the dress so pretty just like you are :D

  3. awesommee!!!! can you also pls mention in your posts where all the elemnts of your look are like you used to?? it would be very useful for the readers to get something similar and willalso help us match the look!!

    1. oops!! checked now only.. where all the elements of your dress are. Sorry!!!

  4. OMG! You are a stunner!
    Can we follow each other via G+ and GFC?
    I will add you back!

  5. Request u to add outfit details in every post so dat it's easy for reader.