Thursday, April 17, 2014


If you are in or were in college,you would know that this is the season of farewells,so we too had to bid farewell to our seniors. For that occasion I chose to wear this chiffon maxi  *Taadaa*

Maxis are totally becoming my thing! I mean I have started to love them in a way a foodie loves his food! Okay maybe that was too much! *chuckles*

Also I love how coral looks against my skin! Clothes and makeup wise both.

I paired this coral maxi with all golden accents. Belt *check* Flats *check* Clutch *check*
And we are good to go to college!

I am also currently digging messy hair,I think its a summer affair.

For my face I applied a thick eyeliner with gold in my tear ducts and coral lips!

 More than posing,the maxi was getting dirty,hence the same poses *khi khi khi*

So that is how I got dressed up for my senior's farewell. Are you still in college? Or what are your farewell memories. Tell me!

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  1. I know the importance if farewell as I have been in DU too..
    Love maxi like goodies loved food, hahaha.. Good one. But I totally get what you are trying to say
    Coral looks really nice on you. And maxi's suit you