Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to wear palazzo pants as a dress

First of all,I would like to give Nemo,my girlfriend the credits for this post. No she didn't come up with the idea of wearing palazzos as dress,that idea is still mine,what she did however was to rattle my brain for it. One day when we were out on a shopping date and I urged her to buy palazzos (I personally love them and 2 outfits with them up already!) She casually said "But I can wear it only in one possible way and how many different tops can I pair with it?"

I didn't say anything then and there but in my mind I was all like *Challenge Accepted* oh dear Barney. *khi khi khi*

So ultimately I came up with this!

Yes! These are my palazzo pants! I have an outfit with them right here.

How did I do this you ask? Well I fit myself into one 'leg' of the pants and slipped my right hand into the other 'leg'

Intelligent right? Narcissism *chuckles*

Its almost like a bodycon dress with flowy arm,which I absolutely love!

I kept all my accessories silver. Period. No explanations.

  And here is the print

Some more photos,because I love posing. Blih.

This is how I tried to style palazzo pants in an offbeat way,did you like it? Tell me!


  1. wow I love it Shreya.. I loved your idea of transforming palazzo pants into a dress.. thumbs up!

  2. haha nyc idea ... btw u looks like akshara :O

  3. You're welcome dory! :* :D
    I already told you just how much i love this outfit! Will buy a plazo now!

  4. OMG, it's super stylish!! I wouldn't have guessed it if you hadn't mentioned it in the post. Is it comfortable though?

    1. Yes,it is comfortabl,i could easily sit and walk :)

  5. Gal this one is so cool. Thumbs up for this one:)

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