Saturday, April 26, 2014


You know how there are some days when you feel like a doll?
They probably include dressing up,right?
This was one such day,I had to go out for lunch and I decided to doll up,oh I mean dress up *khi khi khi*

It may be the cut,colour or whatever is it in this dress that gave me that "doll" feeling,and honestly, I LOVE IT!

I have developed this new love for gold,I mean I have always underestimated its beauty,but now I am all for gold (someone gift me some real gold too please?)

Here are a few detailings!

A few more photos,because poser.

 So that is how I dressed up for a lunch,or better dolled up! How would you dress up for a lunch? Tell me!


  1. I lurve the dress! Sooo prettaaaaaaay! :*

  2. The day I feel like dolling up I always go for a cute dress.. Yours is so pretty, a doll dress for sure :)
    Happy weekend

  3. The color dear is super pretty.. :)

  4. the dress is sooooo cute!! i absolutely luuuurrve ee it!!! :D