Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do the vintage

It is funny how you find things.
Ah this line! How I love Tracy (the mother in How I met your mother)

You might say,why this line? well because I found somethings! Where? In the most unexpected place! My mom's wardrobe!
She had some of her old clothes and accessories which had such an epic vintage feel to it that I was compelled to do a post which explains how to wear vintage clothes without loking like you are actually from the 60's or 70's!

The dog collar:

The dog collar was a favourite vintage design and why not? It looks so cute!

 I wore this vintage crop shirt with dog collar and some detailing with jeggings,the key to rock vintage clothes is,don't over-vintage it,keep it fresh with some modern element!
The shades and sandals too are vintage.
I added a multi layer necklace and two chunky bangles to give the look a twist!

The Puffy sleeves:

The second big trend of vintage clothing is puffy sleeves,I find this one hard to carry as I have broad shoulders,but surprisingly,I loved this look!


As I said earlier,the key to work it is to keep it fresh with modern clothing,so with this puffy sleeve shirt I decided to pair this purple cotton jersey skirt. I added this wrap around bracelet,some sunnies,hoops (because vintage) and heels to finish off my look!

So my tip to you would be,look in your mom's old wardrobe,a treasure might be waiting for you!


  1. i lurrrrve the second look! classy and girly!

  2. Oh I absolutely love the sexy first look! You look hot in those pants :)

  3. Hey are those ur moms shirts?? Cool... They look brand new :D

  4. dog collar totally looks cute , specially on you .. but my personal fav is puffy sleeves , u look fab in both specially in second look
    keep in touch ,