Tuesday, April 15, 2014


You know how our style tastes are divided into schools like boho,geek,tomboy,hippie so on and forth? Well personally I feel I belong to none and I pick up clothing from all over these schools and try to mix and match, but today's outfit gave me this great hippie vibe and hence the name *khi khi khi*

Let's get to the breakdown of this outfit.

I wore white shorts with a pink spaghetti (POP OF COLOUR!) and a blue tie and die asymmetrical hem drape.

 I added a blue-purple-blue chunky necklace and stacked on some blue bangles which adds to the hippie feel *woohoo*

I also added a blue studded belt.

I added heels,which I think was the only non-hippie element,but then again,we don't need to stick to it so dearly. Mix and match anyone?

Some more photos here!

Do you have any particular school of style? Tell me!


  1. I dont have any particular school too , just pick whatever i like..
    this is such fun outfit , perfect for delhi heat.. nice shrug

  2. Hey shreya. Lovely outfit... Where did you get this drape from???

    1. Thankyiu so much :)
      It is from Sarojini Nagar :)

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